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Current Events

November 2014

  • CDOT Presents 2015 Asphalt Pavement Projection  Michael Stanford, CDOT Asphalt Pavement Program Engineer, was a key presenter at the Nov. 7 CAPA All Member Meeting.  Michael presented the CDOT 2015 Asphalt Pavement Projection.  CDOT is estimating 1.15 million tons of asphalt in the 2015 Surface Treatment program.     
  • The CDOT Division of Project Support has developed a draft Work Plan for Consistent CDOT and Consultant Construction Project Administration.  The document was developed with input from industry and was discussed at a joint CDOT/CCA/CAPA/ACEC meeting held on October 29.   
  • A joint CAPA/CCA/CDOT DBE Working Group Meeting has developed draft guidance on the CDOT Good Faith Effort (GFE) process.  Next meeting:  2:00pm, Wednesday, Dec. 10.  (View Draft GFE Guidance)   

October 2014

  • Spotlight Event for Major Upcoming Projects I-70 East & C-470: Oct 22 at Convention Center

    The future of CDOT's largest planned highway construction projects is being talked about now. Come join the conversation and get an inside look at what to expect as these larger projects begin to gear up. This is an excellent opportunity to get the latest available project information and to strengthen relationships with the local business community.  For a flyer with more details, click here.  To register, click here.


August 2014

  • DBE Work Group with CDOT Established A joint CAPA, CCA, CDOT Work Group meeting is planned for 1:00pm, Wednesday, September 10The work group will address a number of concerns with the CDOT DBE and OJT programs.   CAPA and CCA sent a joint letter to CDOT that explains our concerns and reasons behind establishing a work group.  Also, the August CDOT Commission DBE Meeting will be held on August 21 – DBE Commission Packet

May 2014

January 2014

  • CDOT has approved Zycotherm as a Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) technology with the limit of 5,000 tons per project for the Colorado Department of Transportation.  Here is a link to the updated Approved List of WMA Technologies.  For more info, contact Michael Stanford, P.E. , Asphalt Program Manager, Colorado Department of Transportation, Materials & Geotechnical Branch  303-398-6576

December 2013

  • 2014 Asphalt Projection Increased to 1.35 Million Tons Click Here for the updated  projection.

  • 2013 Roadway Smoothness Summary Report  The report includes summary information for all Category I, Category II, and Category III projects.  The industry average % Incentive Earned is the following Cat I – 40.59%; Cat II – 41.29%; Cat III – 67.02%.  2013 Roadway Smoothness Summary Report. 

  • 2013 RAP Summary Report  The average amount of RAP used on a CDOT project is 12.7%.  Summary Report

  • Roadway Smoothness Requirements – A meeting of the Roadway Smoothness Task Force was held on December 17.  A primary topic of discussion was CDOT incorrectly assigning smoothness requirements to urban rehabilitation (ie. curb and gutter) projects.  A new Category IV (no incentive or disincentive, don’t make it worse) is being developed.  Design Bulletin (4/26/2012) that will be clarified for the new changes.  Meeting Minutes

  • CDOT RAP Millings Spec. Goes to Spec Committee for Approval  - The FINAL version of the revision to Section 202 Retention of RAP Millings has been approved.  The specification now allows a minimum of 30% of RAP millings to be retained by the contractor.  The Value Engineering provision has been eliminated. 

  • CDOT Chief Engineer Tim Harris is retiring as of the end of December.  Tim has done much to foster good relations with industry during his tenure at CDOT.  Region 3 Materials Engineer Rex Goodrich will also be leaving CDOT.  Rex is going back to work in the mining industry.  We wish both Tim and Rex well in their future endeavors.  

  • 22 Flood Recovery Projects are planned with a total estimated budget of $300 million.  4 or 5 will advertised as early as March.  A few will carry over to 2015. 

  • All of the RAMP Partnership Projects are moving forward except two small projects near Trinidad.


October 2013

RAMP Partnership Projects – Update:  CDOT has reached a major milestone in the Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (RAMP) program.   A DRAFT list of Partnership and Operations projects has been developed and it is expected that the transportation commission will approve the list at its October meeting.  The list contains 45 partnership projects and 30 operations projects that total $695 million.  Construction on some projects will start in 2014 with most projects being constructed in 2015 – 2017.  (Project List)


July 2013

CDOT Develops New RAP Spec.  A new (RAP) spec has been developed.  It is based on 23% binder replacement.  data  

June 2013

FY 2014 Surface Treatment Program – Funding Level Set at $262 Million The Colorado Transportation Commission has given the go ahead on the FY 2014 Surface Treatment Project List.  The combined funding of both RAMP and Baseline Surface Treatment (ST) totals $262,882,000.  The projects are eligible to be advertised anytime after the start of the new CDOT fiscal year (July 1).  (Project List)

May 2013

CDOT Pavement ME Design Training  CDOT is conducting a 1-1/2 day training class on Mechanistic Empirical (ME) Pavement Design.  The class will be held on May 28-29 and again on May 30-31. The class size is limited (More info)

April 2013

RAMP Funding Project List FY2014 and FY2015  The proposed project list for RAMP funded Asset Management Projects in FY2014 and FY2015 has been developed.  The RAMP funding increases the CDOT Surface Treatment in FY2014 from $150.6 M to $238.8 M.  The Transportation Commission did table the project list at its monthly meeting on April 18.   It is expected that revisions to the lists will be made and presented again at the May meeting of the commission. 

March 2013

Transportation Funding at the State Capital  CAPA represented the asphalt industry at the Colorado State Capital on March 14 with a presentation to a Joint House/Senate Transportation Committee Hearing.  The hearing was in conjunction with ACEC, CCA, CRMCA, CSSGA, and PCA and focused on the economic condition of the construction industry and the need for sustainable transportation funding. 


February 2013

RAP Task Force Proposes Spec. Change – 23% Binder ReplacementThe joint CAPA/CDOT RAP has developed a draft of a new recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) specification that would be based on binder replacement versus the current weight of RAP.  CDOT presented data that calculates a 23.0% virgin binder displacement based on a maximum 25% RAP by weight.  The proposed new RAP (ie. binder replacement spec.) will be discussed at the next AIF Meeting planned for 1:00pm, Tuesday, February 26, at CDOT’s North Holly Materials Office.  This meeting is open to all CAPA members. 


Janaury 2013

Commission Considers Changes to Program Management – Project Selection & Project Budget  With the development of the RAMP Program, CDOT is considering sweeping changes to how projects are programmed and budgeted.  The Transportation Commission is considering having projects selected and budgeted using a statewide, value based methodology rather than a Regional allocation process.  The attached memo will be discussed at the Commission meeting this Thursday. 

CDOT Night Time Lighting Spec.  We met earlier this week with CDOT Region 6 Resident Engineer Neil Lacey regarding the new CDOT Night Time Lighting Specification.  The spec. (attached) will include a lump sum lighting bid item and a minimum lighting intensity.  It will be piloted on a Region 6 project in 2013. 

December 2012

Governor and CDOT Director Hunt Announce RAMP Program - $300 M Increase to Annual Funding:  CDOT is changing how it programs and expends funds for multi-year transportation projects.  Through this new effort, referred to as Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (RAMP), CDOT will begin to fund multi-year projects based on year of expenditure.  RAMP also provides the Department a one time opportunity, over a five year period, to increase its annual funding by up to $300 million per year.  (CDOT RAMP Program) 

More RAP in Our Mixes??  The joint CAPA/CDOT RAP Binder Replacement Task Force held its first meeting on Dec. 7 and the primary topic of discussion was to transition the current RAP specification with limits of 20% and 25% to an “effective virgin binder replacement” specification.  The Task Force is going to review the data from historical projects and recommend a single reasonable, allowable binder replacement for RAP use.  (Dec 7 RAP Task Force Meeting Minutes).  Questions?  Tom Clayton

The Value of RAP We have developed a RAP Value Calculator that can be used to quantify the value of RAP.  The primary variables on impact the value is if RAP millings are being made available on the project. 


November 2012

CDOT RAP Usage Continues To Climb:  CDOT has tabulated all recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) used on 2012 projects and estimates that of the 1,357,002 tons of asphalt material placed, 230,498 tons were RAP.  This amounts to 15.70% RAP versus tons of total mix used, an increase of nearly 4% from 2011. (CDOT 2012 Summary RAP Report)

October 2012

CDOT – FY 2013 Surface Treatment Program  The Colorado DOT has announced the project list for its $132.77 Million FY 2013 Surface Treatment Program.  The list includes the estimated project cost of 36 different projects throughout the six CDOT engineering regions.  (CDOT FY 2013 Surface Treatment Program – Project List)  


September 2013

How Much is CDOT’s FY2013 Budget??  New budget information was presented at the Colorado Transportation Commission August meeting.  All told, it appears the CDOT program is staying very steady from an overall funding standpoint.  Click here and see below for more information on the CDOT Budget (FY 2012 – FY 2014).  

Year                                                    Revenue Amount

FY 2012 (Actual)                                 $1.12 Billion

FY 2013 (Estimated)                            $1.11 Billion

FY 2014 Staff Recommendation             $1.10 Billion




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